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Entrepreneur, Founder, BizCoach, Transformation Teacher, Passion + help leaders envision a better future = gratitude!
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  1. Thou Shalt Not Rule by Consensus — not everyone will always be pleased with every decision, but as long as everyone has been heard, the team is healthy, then Ye must live with and support decisions.

Ways to Recognize when you are Sabotaging your Life

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An upper limit is a wall you run up against. It happens in the early stages of success. You start to feel good, but then a little voice in your head says something that makes you doubt yourself. It’s very subtle at first but slowly creeps in, and you can’t tune it out. You start to wonder if you can sustain the course you’re on. That’s when you hit the wall. That’s when you’ve reached your upper limit.

Whether we are talking about relationships, career, diets, or exercise — self-limiting beliefs…

Ways to Become your Own Life Entrepreneur

Would you work to change your mindset when it mattered most? When your life depended on it? Did you know that even the possibility of death is not enough to motivate us to change? And only 1 in 9 people will make a significant change even with the threat of death? In Alan Deutschmann’s book, Change or Die, he says we could easily prevent tragic outcomes by simply changing our mindset but using facts, fears, and force simply does not work.

“Change is avalanching upon our heads and most people are grotesquely unprepared…

The 100th Monkey Effect

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There is a story about monkeys being studied in Japan in the 1950s. The story goes like this, on a small island, scientists observed the monkey’s behavior for years. The scientists were feeding the monkeys wheat and sweet potatoes, but the monkeys didn’t eat the food if dropped in the sand.

One day the scientists watched a young female monkey named Imo take a sweet potato to a nearby stream and wash the sand from the potato. …

Eight Leadership Questions You Need to Ask


If you google “The Dark Side of Business,” you get 1.2 billion results. Everything from the rise of narcissism and greed, to complacency and sleazy competition tactics. But what seems glamorous and enticing, where anybody with an idea and a garage can make it to unicorn status, has a dark side.

The winds of fortune made fast are shifting with stories of fraud, inequality, data manipulation, and tracking. People have started to notice big tech’s domination along with the dark underbelly of lousy behavior like Amazon’s recent decision to fire whistleblowers. But the problem doesn’t pertain to just the big…

More Ways to Make your Brain your Bitch

Hanging Lake, Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Photo by Igor Oliyarnik on Unsplash

As a Coach, I often wonder why one person is successful and the other person with same background, education, upbringing, etc. is not successful. I believe it has to do with resiliency and coachability. If you could create an algorithm for success it might include something like practice nonjudgmental awareness, trust in one’s own self, and exercise free and conscious choice. But we are not human computers….yet. We screw up, we make bad choices, and we must learn to get over ourselves and move forward, quickly.

One of the goals of a…

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Exercises to Build Your Happiness Muscle

(Before reading, I recommend you know your superpower. If you don’t, take the free VIA Character Strength Test).

Take a minute to list your less-developed (weaker) strengths. We are going to work on boosting those babies with the following exercises while focusing on cultivating and growing more superpowers (strengths) by exploring three paths to happiness — Charmed Life, Zestful Life, and Remarkable Life.


This path is about emotions. It’s a way to get the kumbaya good feels about your past, present, and future. How awesome is that! For overachievers who work hard and don’t always stop and smell the roses…

Easy Tips to Have Them at Hello

Photo credit: Pam Nurrie

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” — Red Smith

Content writing is the rocket fuel for your company’s brand and marketing. It’s used to target, engage, and capture audiences. It’s the most important ingredient for determining the growth and success of any business.

Writing tells people who we are. It’s a way to communicate our thoughts into a visual form. It sets the tone, it paints a picture, and it sparks ideas. Being able to communicate and express creatively through writing is an honorable skill.

People say good…

Reasons to reboot, unplug and save your sanity

A couple of years ago, I needed to make some significant changes in my life. Spending a few months overseas by myself and unplugging from social media, TV, newspapers, and magazines sounded like the right thing to do. Even though I could not understand the language in the countries I visited (Turkey, Italy, France), I learned to communicate by relying on gestures, body language, and enlisting by-stander interpreters. I was also able to control what information I heard daily. Probably not the dream vacation for most, but for me, it was what I needed.
When I returned to the United States…

Addressing Problems, Finding Solutions, and Uncovering Opportunities for future generations


  • 1 in 5 children ages 13–18 have or will develop a serious mental illness.

Pam Nurrie

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